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Take the best investment decision

Feasibility studies, Product analysis, Scale-up support, Technology transfer & Rental machines


Reduce time & break-even point

Installation, Commissioning, Process start-up, Documentation, Qualification & Calibration


Increase your profitability

Process optimization/ development, Cleaning validation, Upgrade & Energy management


Keep up efficiency & sustainibility

Maintenance, Genuine Spare Parts, Technology Inspection, Re-Calibration & Re-Qualification


Fulfill your delivery promises

Repair Service / Troubleshooting, Immediate Helpline Support & Experienced (used) engines


Stay competitive with expertise

Operator and maintenance trainings, Individual in-house seminars & Seminar program at ProXES


Consulting, Analysis & Research

Target 1 - Take the best investment decision

Rental Machines

You want to ensure that you go for the correct type of equipment

for your product? With our wide range of rental technologies, we are pleased to rent our machinery for a time limited project.
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Product Analysis

Profit from our expertise in product sample tests focusing

on specific parameters such as pH, viscosity, processing temperature and particle size.
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Product to Technology Transfer

We transfer an existing product

from old to new technology without affecting quality via a targeted adaptation of your processes and parameters.
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Speed, Quality, Compliance & Precision

Target 2/3 - Reduce time to market & lower break-even point


Ensure that your new machine and staff are ready to

go fully operational. We connect the mechanical and electrical components for you and test the software features.
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Product/Process Start-up

We provide you with start-up support during the

first product run, for example by defining setpoints for optimal production results or arranging training for operators.
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Qualification (IQ/OQ) Support*

After your machine has been installed, we support you

with the installation qualification (IQ) and the operational qualification (OQ).
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Calibration Service*

Our technicians calibrate precisely numerous parameters

such as pressure, temperature, speed, flow rate, fill level, conductivity and pH by using our high-tech instruments.
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Efficiency, Safety, Hygiene & Automation

Target 4 - Increase your profitability

Cleaning Validation

To ensure your cleaning processes are effective,

a cleaning validation should be carried out. We customize and combine our years of knowledge to meet the unique cleaning needs of your production.
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Product/Process Development

We love to support your innovative ideas!

By assessing your workflow, parameters, technologies, recipes and raw materials we can develop together a personalised production process or product.
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Energy Management

We would be pleased to review your production

processes and advise you on effective resource management, energy saving strategies and sustainable manufacturing.
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Productivity & Sustainability

Target 5a - Keep up efficiency and sustainibility

Technology Inspection

Our technicians carry out an

analysis of the machinery´s condition on your request. This inspection can be performed either on-site or at our manufacturing facilities.
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Genuine Spare Parts

We want you to be successful in the

marketplace! Our genuine spare parts guarantee you maximum efficiency, quality and reliability for many years including all required certificates and attestations.
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Re-Qualification (IQ/OQ) Support*

In addition to performing the

initial qualification, FrymaKoruma also provides re-qualifi cation of your pharmaceutical equipment.
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* particular for Pharma and Health & Personal Care Industry

Troubleshooting, Emergency & Experienced Engines

Target 5b - Fulfill your delivery promises

Helpline Support

Is there a problem with your

application, technology, engineering or your software? Just give us a call (see telephone number at the bottom of the page) for prompt expert service or schedule a call by using the contact form.
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Knowledge & Education

Target 6 - Stay competitive with expertise

Individual In-House Seminar

We offer you individual

or industry specific training including hands-on experience as well as theory sessions designed for deepening your staffs´ product and process know-how, either on-site or in our modern seminar rooms.
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Seminar Program at ProXES

At our process technology

training centers you can broaden your expertise with an informative mix of theory and practice that casts a spotlight on selected applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical markets. Contact us for the seminar program!
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